Weekly Celebration Assemblies 

A weekly celebration assembly will be held celebrating children's achievements:

Work of the week - Parents will be invited to come and see their child be celebrated for their achievement. Letters to parents will be sent on the Friday for their child who was ‘excellent’ during the week. This gives parents time to be able to attend the assembly. Over the year, every child should have the opportunity to share a piece of work at least once.   

Learning Powers - Children who have been observed using their ‘Learning Powers’ will be celebrated (at Sylvan the children will bring home Rocky the red squirrel and a book to write in for the weekend). Staff can also award individual children or their whole class with a marble for using their ‘learning powers’. Marbles will be collected during the weekly celebration assembly. When enough marbles have been collected as a whole school and the ‘jar’ is full, a whole school reward will be awarded. This could include a DVD afternoon, ice lollies for every child or a non-school uniform day. 

Attendance - each week the class who has attended school the most during the week will be celebrated and will move up a place on the 'attendance race'. At the end of a half term the class who is leading the attendance race will be rewarded with extra playtime. Those children achieving 96% attendance over a half term will receive a certificate and be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 Argos voucher. Those children who achieve an incredible 100% attendance over the entire year will be rewarded with a special tea party. 

Achievements outside of school - we encourage children to bring in certificates, medals and trophies that they have achieved in their own time.