We are really excited to welcome you to Little Livingstone’s Preschool at Livingstone Road Primary Federation. Little Livingstone’s Preschool starts at age 2 until aged 4 when the children will move on to their formal education at school, and hopefully our EYFS classes.

The children in the preschool have access to all of areas of the Federation which really supports their transition into EYFS and gives them amazing learning environments and opportunities.

Joining our preschool means that we can build relationships with you and your child from an early age, establish the expectations of learning and behaviour at our Federation and ensure that your child has the best opportunities and outcomes ’Together we can Learn Laugh Dream Grow’.

Mrs Suzy Hayward, Executive Headteacher and Miss Kirsty Roberts, Preschool Lead


 Pre-School Times

The Preschool is open from 9.00am – 3.00pm 38 weeks a year. It has the same term dates as Livingstone Road Primary Federation.

There are 2 preschool sessions per day:

Morning session 9.00am—12.00pm

Afternoon session 12.00pm—3.00pm (children should bring their packed lunch to eat during this session)

Each child should attend a minimum of 2 sessions each week.

A mid morning and mid afternoon snack and a drink of milk or water will be offered to your child.

All children are entitled to 15 funded hours from the start of the term after their third birthday. However, children can enrol from their 3rd birthday and your child can attend preschool for more than 15 hours per week at an extra charge per session of £16.50 per session for 2 year olds and £15.00 per session for 3 & 4 year olds.

Working families my be eligible for 30 hours per week funding and parent/carers can check online to see if they are eligible. www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

Early education funding for two year olds is available for some families with low incomes. Eligibility for this funding can be checked and confirmed via BCPCouncil’s website Early education funding for two year olds | BCP FID (bcpcouncil.gov.uk)


About Us

At Little Livingstone’s Preschool we are extremely passionate about children learning through play.

We take inspiration from The Curiosity Approach which means that we use real life resources rather than plastic toys. This approach aims to give children back their freedom by igniting their natural curiosity and imaginations. This teaching method allows children to think for themselves, make their own choices and direct their own learning.

It is really important to us that the children have unlimited access to the outdoors and that we explore our community. We do this by arranging ‘mini’ trips in our community, and by using all the facilities at our Federation. Children will access the facilities at both the Infant and Junior schools exploring our Train Reading Room, Narnia Room, The Book Factory, Art/DT room, Reading Garden, school field and forest schools area.

We use the framework Development Matters to support the children and ensure that they are making good progress. This framework allows our preschool practitioners to make best fit judgements about where a child is showing typical development for their age, and supports information sharing with parent/carers, colleagues and other professionals to ensure every child is the best they can be. 

As part of our practice we work closely with our EYFS team to ensure that every child is school ready with good maths and phonics skills. This enables them to have the best start when they start their formal education.


 Key Person

Every child at the pre-school will be allocated a Key Person who is responsible for ensuring that your child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs.

A Key Person will work closely with parents/carers to ensure that your child feels safe, happy and that they are supported in their development. A Key Person is the bridge of communication between parents and preschool and aims to provide your child with a sense of security and reassurance whilst away from home.

We will let you know who your child’s Key Person is in their first week at preschool. It is important to us that the right person is allocated to support your child, therefore we like to observe your child at preschool to see which member staff your child feels naturally connected to.



The designated safeguarding lead at our Federation is Miss Justine Collinson, Deputy Headteacher.

At our Federation we are dedicated to the welfare and protection of our children and if on occasion does arise where we need to speak to you about your child, please understand that their safety and happiness is our top priority.


 What will my child need to bring?

· A named water bottle (water only please, no squash!)

· A change of clothes and spare pants/socks. These are not only for accidents but also if a child gets wet during water play or a spillage!

· Nappies/pull up’s and wipes (if needed). If your child is toilet training, please bring lots of spare underwear and changes of clothes.

· Named welly boots

· A named waterproof coat

· Clearly named sun cream in the hot weather and a sun hat

· Clearly named hat, gloves and scarf in the winter

· A named rucksack to keep their belongings on their peg

· A packed lunch if your child attends an afternoon session


Little Livingstone’s Preschool Prospectus

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